Our Mission

NSAB (Near Space and Beyond) was created by a group of guys who thought going to space would be really cool. We've decided the best way to go is to take the scenic route. First we plan to launch balloons to get us up to the stratosphere (up to about 30-35 km). There we will take readings, pictures, movies, and get used to playing in a low pressure system. After that point we will have to determine the best fit propulsion system to get us up the rest of the way.

Space is internationally defined to exist at and above 100km above sea level. It is at this point that sufficient atmospheric pressure does not exist to sustain aeronautical flight. This boundary was discovered by Theodore von Kármán and is thus known as the Kármán Line.

'Near Space' falls between 20-100km above sea level. Most amateur near space projects (i.e. high altitude balloons) run between 30-40km above sea level. Seemingly far below the Kármán Line, but based on exponentially decreasing air pressure with altitude, much closer than one might think for some purposes. At this altitude, the curvature of the earth is well defined, as shown in pictures taken from near space projects, which is why near space photography has become such a hit. It is our hopes to explore this region, and go beyond, past the Kármán Line, into the depths of space.