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REHAB (Reasonably Engineered High Altitude Balloon) is our high altitude balloon project designed to go up to and work in an environment up to 35km above sea level. At this point, atmospheric pressure is very thin (about 0.5 kpa, as compared to 100kpa that we experience here in Rapid City). Temperature is also very low, climbing down to -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit).

It is in this environment that we plan to make our first ventures. Our first REHAB project, REHAB1 will pull itself up above 30km and take pressure and temperature readings. It also has 2 cameras onboard as the curvature of the earth is very visible at this altitude.

REHAB1 is lost in South Dakota. We lost track of it when it stopped transmitting and were unable to retrieve it. We are currently working on REHAB2.

For more details on REHAB2, including design, click the link below.