I am pleased that the mission was a success. A few minor difficulties at the beginning of the launch were reminiscent of our first attempt which failed and recovered several times before ultimate failure. But we launch our balloon in a single attempt, successful tracking the entire way and a relatively quick recovery.

That being said, some things I would change are:

South Dakota weather is pretty unpredictable and windy days are pretty common. It would probably be good to look into better anchors for the tent and possibly better shielding for the bottom as the bottom of the walls were not anchored at all. The tent height was also insufficient, especially when it came time to test buoyancy. Small gusts tended to make it difficult to determine buoyancy so performing this sheltered was preferable.

Better electrical connections. I just used power connectors I bought at radio shack to connect the battery to the radio. I have had problems with these connectors in the past and had trouble on launch day with things coming loose again. I will use different connectors in the future.

Tracking was difficult due to not being able to get a good relative position. I will have to look into how to do this part better before the next launch.

Other than that everything seemed to go pretty well. I thank all involved and look forward to doing it again!