The Goal of REHAB2 is to successfully launch a high altitude balloon carrying transmitting instrumentation and then to retrieve it upon returning to the ground. It is presumed REHAB1 failed due to cold temperatures so REHAB2's payload box is a 1.5" thick foam cooler. Initially there was to be no camera but the Veho micro camera is cheap enough.

A fully successful launch will include the following:
  • Adherence to pre-calculated rise rates
  • Balloon burst at the pre-calculated burst altitude
  • Full tracking throughout the flight without interruption
  • Retrieval of the payload after touchdown
There are two position transmitters onboard. We will be including an APRS transmitter which will give us position once every two minutes. We will also be including a SPOT personal tracker. The SPOT will not operate above 18km or give us altitude but if the APRS tracker fails, the SPOT should pick back up once below 18km and report its position via satellite. Both units have independent batteries.