We had 2 chase crews and one crew behind watching aprs.fi and SPOT transmissions. One chase crew watched the aprs transmissions direct using a Kenwood D700a radio and APRSDroid on a Nexus 7 tablet. The other watched SPOT transmissions and APRS through aprs.fi.

Ascent rate was a little lower than expected which meant we underfilled the balloon relative to our original specs. The balloon travelled at 20-40 mph and headed east so keeping up with it on the interstate was pretty easy. It reached an altitude of 90026 feet as reported by the last APRS transmission before descent.

Descent took about 28 minutes and landed about 300 meters off the road northeast of Wall, SD. Tracking up to that point worked well, locating the balloon relative to our position could use some work though. Getting our position relative to the balloon along with a satellite view seemed a difficult task but the balloon's fairly close proximity to the road simplified the task.